TeamSWIFT at GRT Cricket League Trophy - 2019


TeamSWIFT Mumbai show-cased their cricketing skills at GRT Cricket League Trophy – 2019 held on Saturday, 9th February 2019. 
The under-arm cricket tournament held at The Spirit Field Turf, Samhita International Complex was organised by GRT Global Logistics Pvt Ltd. This event saw 16 freight forwarders located across Mumbai compete for the championship. 

In our first match which was against Global Logistics Solutions, we decided to bowl after winning the toss. The target set by them was 45 runs from 5 overs. Our boys chased the target to win the match by 7 wickets. Our star performer Shankar was the Man of the Match.
In the second knock out round, TeamSWIFT challenged CP World and chose to bowl after winning the toss again. CP World set a lead of 56 runs which we missed by just 12 runs. 

Though we couldn’t win the tournament but the journey was definitely exciting and fun. We appreciate the dedication of each player and congratulate them for their stellar performance!