India explores the potential of Piraeus Port for expanding exports to Europe


India plans to assess the potential benefits of using Piraeus Port in Greece as a gateway for exporting Indian goods to Europe instead of Iran’s Chabahar Port. Indian PM Narendra Modi will be visiting Greece after attending the BRICS Summit in South Africa at the end of August 2023. One of the purposes of this visit is to explore Piraeus Port as potential port for reaching European markets.

India had previously planned to use Chabahar Port as an export gateway to Europe. However, due to the unresolved conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has compelled the decision makers to look at the other route.

India’s path to the Mediterranean countries opened up after the formation of I2U2 (India-Israel-USA-UAE) in 2021 which was formed for promoting joint investment in sectors like energy, food security, health, space, transportation, etc. Through this alliance, India aims to send shipments to Europe through UAE ports or Haifa Port in Israel to Piraeus transshipment complex.



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