US Importers and forwarders may expect late April surge in Imports


Factories in China have started operating at 40% or more of their capacity after an extended manufacturing halt. Forwarders and NVOs’ in the US are urging their customers to prepare for a late April surge in cargo. Customers are also warned of cargo delays, capacity crunches, gridlocked terminals and container and equipment dislocations when the imports start pouring in. However, there is still an uncertainty about the timing of recovery as disruptions in trans-pacific trade lane continue to grow. Blanked sailings to the east coast and west coast of North America, which is at peak now, may start declining in April. Manufacturers of auto-parts and components in Asia are starting to ship some of their cargo by more expensive airfreight.

If finished goods are made ready by end of this month and enough truck capacity for movement of cargo to ports in China develops, the West Coast ports could expect greater volumes in April.

Thus, ocean carriers and US terminal operators must begin planning for the surge of imports by vacating empty containers from the warehouses, truck yards, and the terminals.



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